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TPC Products

Telepreneur Corporation has a wide selection of products.

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We cater a wide range of cable products - Cignal, GSat, Sky Direct, Blink, Iflix, and Satlite

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We load all networks - Globe, Smart, TNT, Sun, Cherry Prepaid, Touch Mobile, Smart Bro and Hello

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We cater a wide range of gaming products - Steam, Razer Pin, CS Go, Dota 2, Game Club, Garena, LeadHope, Level Up and MOL

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Choose from our line of coffee and chocolate drink products.

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Choose from our wide range to food supplements - Barley, Moringa, Restore Life Drops, Serpentina, Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C and Spirulina.

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Choose from our wide array of beauty products. We have Soaps, Massage Oil, Dental Care Products, Facial Products, Feminine Wash, and Organic Balm Products

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We’re would like to hear any inquiries or ideas your have. Got a question? Drop us a mail.

2nd Floor Lemon Square Bldg. 1199 Brgy. Katipunan Munoz Quezon City
Mon - Sat / 11AM - 8PM
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TPC Corporate Address

2nd Floor Lemon Square Bldg. 1199
Brgy. Katipunan Munoz Quezon City


We Load All Networks

TPC Caters to all Networks. TPC Lets you earn while you load yourself, your family, your friend and even people you dont know by using our platform as a loading business. Learn more by clicking the button below and know how TPC can make all your dreams come true.

Growing Telepreneurs

We are able to create 2 Million Telepreneurs and helped change their lives. As of this year, we went beyond our target sales that led us to acquiring new hubs partnering with our dynamic telemarketers all over the country. Our national reach has now increased to 116 City Stockists and 1650 Mobile Stockists, as we continue to expand and reach better horizons. We now have 6 office branches nationwide.

What Makes TPC Different?

A very unique Compensation Plan coupled with superb IT system makes TPC the most generous company.

Income Notification System

Real-time SMS Notification for every income you earn from TPC Compensation Plan.

24/7 Help Desk

General inquiries on our Compensation & Network Organization and Loading Concerns via WEB or SMS Command.

Unique Unilevel 3

The only Unilevel that does not require you to sell or maintain but the only choice is to earn.

Realistic and Efficient Unilevel Programs

Real-time Unilevel Rebates and Bonuses. TPC Unilevels are running effectively NOT JUST IN POWERPOINT BUT IN REALITY.

Fastest E-loading Company in the Network Industry

Continuous development of our own system to cater to the needs of our members and consumers.

Most Generous Company in Terms of Compensation Plan

The highest payout in terms of Pairing Bonus.

Unique Partnership with Stockists/Investors

Our stockists are our real partners in the business who have the direct line with the company executives for the immediate response to their needs. Conduct seminars and training to help our investors manage their business.

8724 or 2012 Short Access Gateway

Can use short access gateway in sending their TPC Commands.

TPC Videos

Online Trainings, Buhay TPC VLOG, Events and Member Testimonials

Telepreneur Foundation

Bringing Back to the Community

Telepreneur Foundation, Inc., with SEC Registration Number 201736589, is a non-stock, non-profit charitable foundation which aims to help, aid and assist the sick, the poor and the needy through support programs that will help alleviate their plight and help improve the quality of life of disadvantaged children and their families.  Likewise, we extend assistance to victims of natural calamities, such as typhoon, earthquake and the like.

Kwentong TPC

Mga inspirational stories na galing sa TPC Members at  kung paano nabago ang kanilang mga buhay.

Sandra Celis

Sandra Celis

Top 1 City Stockist

Hi. My name is Sandra Celis. Before TPC I was a plain housewife, taking care of my small family (2 daughters and a supportive husband). The family income is totally depends on my husband’s. In 2017, I decided to join the company that’s when I was able to make my own money but still take care of my family. You do it in your home at your own time. Nothing really had changed except that i feel more confident knowing that I do what I love and help my husband build the family that we dreamed of.

Annalyn Ducut

Annalyn Ducut

Hall of Famer 2020

At first it was just a dream. Uma-attend lang ako para manood ng mga a-awardan sa TPC, and then I get inspiration from them na someday aakyat din ako and I will get my own award until I started making actions, then my dreams turned into a goal then a goal turned into “Success”. Ofcourse it was hard , making a dream come true is hard, but if you really wanna make it real , no matter how hard it is … You will do what ever it takes , so that you’ll succeed. Through my Faith??

Marry Ralozo

Marry Ralozo

Hall of Famer 2019

Always trust The Lord’s Plan for you, Always be Positive and Be humble.

This Hall of famer award is dedicated to all my Team MamaMarry.
I Love You All.

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