What Identification Cards/Licenses is Acceptable?
  • Unified Multi-Purpose ID (UMID)
  • Digitized Social Security System ID (SSS)
  • Driver’s License (not student permit or certificates)
  • Professional Regulation Commission (PRC)
  • Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IPB) for OFWs
  • Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) for OFWs
  • Digitized/Paper type Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) ID
  • Senior Citizen’s ID
  • Voter’s ID, not the certificate
  • Valid Passport
  • Digitized/Paper type Postal ID
  • College ID, provide latest registration/enrollment form
  • Preparatory/Elementary/High School ID. Provide birth certificate and Guardian’s valid ID
  • Alumni ID
What Supporting Documents will be Accepted?

(Old documents issued at least one year prior to the date of application that shows correct name, date, and place of birth, picture, and signature of the owner)

  • PSA Marriage Contract
  • Land Title
  • Seaman’s Book
  • Elementary/High School Form 137 or Transcript of Records with readable dry seal
  • Government Service Record
  • Valid NBI Clearance
  • Police Clearance
  • Barangay Clearance
How to verify your Account/Account Verification?

Its main purpose is to secure the account of our members especially their commission and authenticity/legitimacy as a person. To verify your Account:


  • Bank Account
    • Personal Savings (ATM/Passbook) and Cash card
    • TPC registered name and number
    • Clear copy of 2 government issued IDs
    • 3 specimen signature
    • Clear copy of ATM/Passbook
    • Account name and number
    • Submit via walk-in or thru email at verifytpc@yahoo.com
  • Smart Money
    • TPC registered name and number
    • Clear copy of 2 government issued IDs
    • 3 specimen signature
    • Clear copy of Smart Money Card with indicated Account name and number
    • Submit via walk-in or thru email at  verifytpc@yahoo.com
  • GCash Master Card with fill-up KYC From/Requirements
    • Accomplished KYC (Know Your Client) Form (red * for a required field)
    • Clear copy of 1 government issued ID
    • Clear copy of GCash Master Card
    • Modification (Globe Telco)-MINIMUM of 10 working days (EXCLUDED: SATURDAY & SUNDAY)
    • TPC Verification-3-4 working days (EXCLUDED: SUNDAY)
    • Verified account Confirmation message will be sent.
    • Submit via walk-in or thru email at kyc.tpcorp@yahoo.com.ph
    • Linking, type: GCASH<space>GCASH MOBILE#<space>GCASH CARD# send to TPC Gateways only. Incomplete or wrong Gcash details stated in the command is considered WRONG linking.
    • Command: GENCASH<space>AMOUNT send to TPC Gateways only
    • GENCASH and withdraw, anytime and anywhere.
    • Use 11 Digit Gateway Number to send command


  • Processing Time: 3-4 Working Days upon completion of requirements
  • Encashment thru ATM and Smart Money Card Cut-off is until Wednesday, 11:59 pm. It will be released every Friday.
  • For bank accounts, Payroll accounts are not acceptable
  • The minimum amount for encashment is P500.00 (P50 fee will be deducted to the encashment amount)
  • In the case that GENCASHMENT was unsuccessfully transmitted to your Gcash account, you need to submit your Bank account details thru DEP Command for deposit.
Gcash Wrong Linking

For Wrong Linking:

  • Assigned Rep will advise the member for the untagging process and 100LC fee. After untagging, the member can now link the correct details.

Untagging of Gcash Account:

  • Untagging Form
  • FEE: 100LC deduction thru crediting department it will be deducted to your LC Balance.

Related Cases:

  • Wrong linking of GCash Card, Gcash Mobile# and TPC Registered mobile#
  • Incomplete linking characters or added signs, e.g., – or spaces
  • Lost or broken Gcash card or Sim#
  • Replacement of New cards
How to Change Number?

To correct Mistyped Numbers or Replace Registered numbers with sim concerns (e. g., Inactive Sim, Recycled Mobile Numbers, etc.)


  • Change Number Form
  • Clear copy of 1 Government Issued ID
  • 3 specimen signature
  • TPC Registered mobile# (OLD) and NEW (replacement) number
  • Affidavit of Loss (if lost) or Request letter
  • Submit via walk-in or thru email at accounttpc@yahoo.com or
  • Simply Fill up the form in Change Number Request Form page

Request Fee:

  • System User/Reseller 100LP
  • System Owner/Dealer 250LP


  • Request fee will be deducted from the Old number
  • Processing time: 3-4 Working Days with interview thru phone calls/verification
How to Activate A System Owner thru SMS?

Type JOIN<space>Activation Code/Mobile Number/Complete Name/Desired User ID/Sponsor User ID/Placement User ID/ A or B send to Gateway

Ex. JOIN ABCDEFGHIJ12/09181234567/JUAN DELA CRUZ/JUAN/MAN/MAN02/A send to Gateway

How to Activate A System User thru SMS?

Type ACT<space>Mobile# and send to Gateway.

Ex. ACT 09181234567 then send to Gateway.

Note: Activation of New System User requires 100LP (for SMART, TNT, SUN and ABS-CBN mobile, GLOBE, and TM numbers).

How to Upgrade (From Silver to Platinum)?

Type UPGRADE<space>ACTIVATION CODE/Username and send to Gateway


How to Upgrade (From Silver/Platinum to Gold)?

Type UPGOLD<space>ACTIVATION CODE/Username and send to Gateway


How to Load?

Type MOBILE#<space>Amount/Product Code and send to Gateway

Example: 0918123467 30 and send to Gateway

How to Refund?

Type HELP<space>RF<space>TRACE NUMBER<space>DATE<space>REASON and send to Gateway

Example: HELP RF 1234567 and OCT05 no load received and send to Gateway

Note: Regular/Promo load offers can be refunded within 3days if it is unsuccessfully loaded as customers airtime balance.

How to Check Your Balance?
  1.  To know your current Load Pocket balance
    • Type BAL and send to Gateway
  1. To know your current Commissionable Fund
    • Type CFUND and send to Gateway.
  1. To know your current PV POINTS
    • Type BALPV and send to Gateway

Note: A fee of 2.00LP will be charged per transaction.

How to Transfer LP to System User?
    • Type Mobile#<space>LCamount and send to Gateway

Example: 09181234567 LC200

How to Convert Afund to Load Pocket?

Type CONVERT<space>Amount and send to Gateway

Example: CONVERT 200

Note: Minimum required fund conversion is 210.00. (A fee of 10.00 will be deducted from the members AFUND. Real-time crediting)

How to Tag Your System Owner Number to Your Globe Gcash Mastercard Account?

Type GCASH<space>TM#<space>CARD# and send to 11-digits Gateway

Example: GCASH 09061234567 5037850012345678

How to Encash Afund (Available Fund)?
  • To Encash via Globe GCASH Mastercard
    • Type GENCASH<space>AMOUNT and send to 11-digits Gateway

Note: Encash anytime with NO CUT-OFF!

  • To Encash via Bank/SmartMoney
    • Type ENCASH<space>AMOUNT<space>Bank<space>Account#<space>Account Name and send to 11-digits Gateway

Note: Regular Encashment CUT-OFF is from THURSDAY until WEDNESDAY, 11:59 pm. Releasing is every FRIDAY. Minimum required amount for Encashment is P550.00 (P50.00 processing fee will be deducted from Encashment amount). If Friday falls on a holiday, releasing of encashment will be prior to the scheduled day.

How to Purchase TPC Products?

Load Pocket, Activation Codes, and Tangible Products

You can purchase thru our CITY STOCKIST/ MOBILE STOCKIST or TPC OFFICE thru BANK deposit or SMART MONEY transfer. Please see at the Bank Details.

How to Use Help Command?

Type HELP<space>CONCERN and send to Gateway

Note: A fee of 2.00 load pocket will be charged per day (until 12 midnight).

What to do after Bank Deposit?

After Bank Deposit

Type Dep<space>Date & Time/Amount/Type of TPC Product/Bank Validation Code/Bank Branch and send to Gateway

Example: Dep Aug24/11:11/3000/Silver Code/348MAT8/BPI PUERTO PRINCESA and send to Gateway

What to do after Smart Money Fund Transfer?

After Smart Money Fund Transfer

Type SM<space>REF# and send to Gateway

Example: SM AF06F0ASD462 send to Gateway

What to do after GCASH Fund Transfer?

After GCASH Fund Transfer

Type GC<space>REF#<space>Amount and send to 11-digit Gateways

Example: GC 128854808 500

Note: Please be advised po na hindi allowed mag replenish ng LC through GC command kung sa 7/11 Kiosk po sila nag GCASH fund transfer directly to our TPC account.

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