Account Verification Form

How to verify your Account/Account Verification?

Its main purpose is to secure the account of our members especially their commission and authenticity/legitimacy as a person. To verify your Account:


  • Bank Account
    • Personal Savings (ATM/Passbook) and Cash card
    • TPC registered name and number
    • Clear copy of 2 government issued IDs
    • 3 specimen signature
    • Clear copy of ATM/Passbook
    • Account name and number
    • Submit via walk-in or thru email at


  • GCash Master Card with fill-up KYC From/Requirements
    • Accomplished KYC (Know Your Client) Form (red * for a required field)
    • Clear copy of 1 government issued ID
    • Clear copy of GCash Master Card
    • Modification (Globe Telco)-MINIMUM of 10 working days (EXCLUDED: SATURDAY & SUNDAY)
    • TPC Verification-3-4 working days (EXCLUDED: SUNDAY)
    • Verified account Confirmation message will be sent.
    • Submit via walk-in or thru email at
    • Linking, type: GCASH<space>GCASH MOBILE#<space>GCASH CARD# send to TPC Gateways only. Incomplete or wrong Gcash details stated in the command is considered WRONGlinking.
    • Command: GENCASH<space>AMOUNT send to TPC Gateways only
    • GENCASH and withdraw, anytime and anywhere.
    • Use 11 Digit Gateway Number to send command



  • Processing Time: 3-4 Working Days upon completion of requirements
  • Encashment thru ATM and Smart Money Card Cut-off is until Wednesday, 11:59 pm. It will be released every Friday.
  • For bank accounts, Payroll accounts are not acceptable
  • The minimum amount for encashment is P500.00 (P50 fee will be deducted to the encashment amount)
  • In the case that GENCASHMENT was unsuccessfully transmitted to your Gcash account, you need to submit your Bank account details thru DEP Command for deposit.


You can download here: Account Verification Form

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