Know Your Client Form




-Accomplished KYC Form, 1 clear COLORED copy of accepted Government issued I.D with 3 Signature specimen (beside the ID) and GCASH Mastercard. Submit thru e-mail at

  1. You may perform the Linking and Change MPIN command AFTER the KYC modification process.
  2. LINKING (Using TPC Dealer SIM Number)

    Type: GCASH (space) GCASH GLOBE/TM number (space) GCASH CARD # and send to 11-digit gateway number.

Example:  GCASH 09162345789 1212312341234512 and send to 11-digit gateway number.

  1. After Linking, type: HELP (space) date of GCash Account Linking and send to gateway.
  2. CHANGE MPIN (Using GCash Mastercard Globe/TM Sim)
    1. Dial *143# then choose the corresponding number to GCASH. Choose ACCOUNT. Choose CHANGE MPIN.
    2. Enter Default PIN & enter your desired 4-digit PIN. You will receive a confirmation message shortly.
  3. Keep your GCASH Mastercard envelope for future reference.


  1. Make sure that your 3 Signature specimen matches the signature in your ID presented.
  2. Reload your Gcash Globe/TM Sim card regularly, at least once a month, to keep your account active.
  3. Default MPIN is the last 4-digit number of your Gcash Mastercard Globe/TM Sim Number.
  4. Be careful in linking your Gcash Account to your Registered Mobile number. Wrong linking will be charged with 100LP or Load Pocket that will be deducted to your balance. To avoid Wrong linking:
    1. DO NOT put hyphen (-) or Spaces with the GCash Card#.
    2. Do not enter your registered number in your command, instead the Globe/TM# partnered with your GCash Mastercard.

You can download here: Know your Client Form

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