Request Form for ID

For TPC ID Appilcation

1. Fill out TPC ID form

2. P120.00 For ID process, you can pay via walk in at TPC branches or TPC main office or via deposit to TPC Bank accounts, Smart money or Gcash

3. Once payment has been settled you can send via HELP the details of payment for us to process the ID. ex. Type Help(space)Paymenet details/for ID Name/sent via TPC website then send to gateway.

4. ID picture must be 2×2 or if you’re sendding via email, must be 2×2 clear copy (blurred ID or Selfie not accepted)

5. If sending via email, you can send it to

6. Wait for Text confirmation if the ID is already process.

7. TPC ID is for TPC Dealer Only.



You can download here: Request Form for ID

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