Razer Pin

To Load:

  1. MOBILE#<space> PRODUCT CODE then send to GATEWAY


All Product codes are subject to change without prior notice.
Razer PIN Code (Former MOL Points) Description
RAZER1000 (MOL1000) 1000 Razer Gold
RAZER500 (MOL500) 500 Razer Gold
RAZER300 (MOL300) 300 Razer Gold
RAZER250 (MOL250) 250 Razer Gold
RAZER150 (MOL150) 150 Razer Gold
RAZER100 (MOL100) 100 Razer Gold
RAZER50 (MOL50) 50 Razer Gold
RAZER20 (MOL20) 20 Razer Gold
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