Program Mechanics:

  1. Open to all  active TPC system owners/users.
  2. Members must recruit a minimum of 300 new members to  qualify (accumulated for the quarter)
    1. New member must activate/use TPC TNT Customized SIM
    2. TPC SUN Customized SIM can also be used (once available)
  3. The Top 20 members with the highest recruits will win prizes.
  4. Program will run on a  quarterly basis.  Activations earned from previous quarter will not be carried over to the next quarter.
    1. 1st Run – June to August
    2. 2nd Run – September to November
    3. 3rd Run – December to February 2019
  5. Quarterly Prizes as follows:
Grand Prize iPhone 6S 16GB 3 Winners
Secondary Prize Smartphone (Android) 2 Winners
Consolation Prize Smart Bro Pocket Wifi 888 15 Winners

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