Honda CBR 150R Motorcycle Raffle:

  • Open to all Muenchen – TPC members who sold and activated 1 Cignal kit from August 25 – November 15, 2019
  • One (1) winner will be drawn in the raffle draw on November 23, 2019
    1. All members who bought during the Anniversary and activated Cignal kits from August 25 – November 15, 2019 will be inputted in a randomizer for the drawing of the winner
    2. One (1) Cignal kit bought during the Anniversary Event last August 25, 2019 will get to 2 additional raffle entries.
    3. One (1) Cignal kit activated is equivalent to one (1) raffle entry
  • All entries will come from TPC head office for the verification process
  • Deadline of entries is on November 15, 2019.
  • Raffle draw is on November 23, 2019, TPC Recognition Night.
  • Raffle prize is a brand NEW Honda CBR 150R Motorcycle
  • Winner will be announced on the day (November 23, 2019, Saturday) by TPC President and Cignal Representative.
  • Winner will also be announced via TPC Facebook Live and Account
  • Winner will be called out during the TPC Recognition Night, number registered must be under TPC.
  • 3 call attempts then another if not answered, winner will be drawn and called out again until a member answers the call
  • Prize will be given to the Winner on the day of the raffle awarding / TPC Christmas party. If not available during the TPC Recognition Night on November 23, TPC and Cignal Representative will schedule a photo op for the awarding and claiming of prize.
  • Prize is transferrable but not convertible to cash.
  • Vehicle Tax will be shouldered by the TPC Winner.
  • Winner will take care of logistics of prize after awarding.
  • For purpose of validation, the winner will be asked to bring a valid ID when claiming the prize. If winner’s name is different from the person who will claim, winner must submit an authorization letter from the subscriber together with the winners valid ID.





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