P.A Insurance Form

Process for Sterling Insurance

  • NOTE: If you’re Gold or SGP Account you may proceed to the P.A Insurance Form and for the Silver, Platinum and Reseller account you may follow the instruction for the requirements below.
  • Sterling Insurance ₱200.00 valid for 1 Year
  • You can deposit via TPC Bank Account for the payment for Sterling insurance.
  • After payment just type Dep <space> Date and Time/Amount/For Sterling insurance Payment/Bank Validation Code/Bank Branch send to Gateway
  • After Payment has been verified, you can send your information via HELP command, just type HELP<space>Full name/Age/Birthdate/Complete Address/Name of Beneficiary then send to Gateway or you can fill out the Insurance information sheet on this page.

*Processing period of insurance: 10 to 15 Working days upon receiving of payment and information details

Insurance covers:

  • Accidental Death & Disablement – ₱200,000.00
  • Unprovoked Murder & Assault – ₱100,000.00
  • Acc. Med. Reimbursement – ₱5,000.00
  • Motorcycling Cover in case of Death only – ₱50,000.00


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